A step back in time

The ClayTAWC building has been an integral part of the Clay County since the 1830’s, proudly serving as a Church of England Infant school, with the building itself actually dating back to mid-Victorian times.

The Infant school closed its doors in July 1996, after educating so many generations of pupils and preparing them for the outside world. The village school was considered a focal point of the community, as it still is today, a place where the community could come together, socialize and be educated.

The twentieth century provided mixed fortunes for the old school, two world wars bought tragedy and sadness, with influenza and scarlet fever bringing despair. However there were many happy times too, including school treats (like the Summercourt fair), a visit from the Circus in 1904 and the seasonal community activities of Christmas and Easter.

In January of 2000, work commenced on the old school building, turning it from a beloved infants School to a new Training and Work Centre for local people of the Clay Area, who may have needed some support with further education to seek new jobs.

Skipping forward to 2013, ClayTAWC was successful in vital funding to retrofit the building to boost its eco-friendly credentials. Work started in the month of March, with new windows installed, loft insulation and re-cladding. The purpose of the retrofit was to improve the energy efficiency so the money saved could be ploughed right back into the community. After many months of hard work, the ClayTAWC building was finalized in July – During that whole period ClayTAWC’s doors remained open for courses, activities and for the general public!

Now in 2023 ClayTAWC is still serving as a vital community space, expanding from its educational roots to now providing skills workshops, social activities, children’s  workshops, community information rooms and so much more! P1030867 P1030868 P1030869 P1030870 P1030871 P1030872 P1030873 P1030874 P1030875 P1030876

As it is known now - Trelavour Room

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