Supporting the ClayTAWC Centre

You may notice within the ClayTAWC entrance there are some trolleys that are full of wonderful fiction/non-fiction books – all varying in length, print size and genres! All of the books are only 10p each!

Within the reception area of ClayTAWC we also have two large bookcases with ‘like new’ books for sale for only 50p each – including cookbooks, biographies, crime, thriller, romance, lifestyle and more!

100% of the proceeds made from sales go back into running the ClayTAWC Centre – which is a fantastic help with the ever increasing bills, so we thank everybody who makes a purchase!

If you have some good quality clean fiction/non-fiction books, we would love to have them for our bookcases! Please contact ClayTAWC to arrange a drop-off time – sometimes we do pause our donation in-take due to a lack of storage so please ensure you call first!