Cornwall Council Micro Library

The Cornwall Council Micro-Library within ClayTAWC provides down-scale library services in the rural area where there is limited access for those within the community to get to the larger libraries. The self-service approach makes it quick and easy to borrow books, along with being able to order in books from the Cornwall Council Website to be delivered to the micro-library.

The library stocks a range of genres from non-fiction, fiction, children’s books to junior books. The stock is managed by the Community Library and Information Assistant, who visits once a month (may differ due to COVID-19) to restock books, drop off reservations and exchange stock.

Each Summer ClayTAWC manages the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ for the children, each year bringing a new exciting theme! Throughout August and September the children are set to read six books, appropriate to their level and interest, with each book complete earning a little prize!

In order to borrow books from the Micro-Library you must be a member of the Cornwall Council Library Services.